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This plugin aims to provide a connection between Confluence and your GitLab server instance. It enables you to view issues, builds, merge requests and project information with simple to use macros.

GitLab connection configuration

Before you can start to use the macros, make sure the credentials inserted correctly in the admin panel (as seen below)

The credentials are the url of the server and an private api key. The server has to be reachable from the confluence server over the network connection to allow the macros work properly.
The private api key can be generated on the GitLab server (where it is called "personal access token"). You can find it under Profile Settings (click on your avatar icon on the right) → Access Tokens.
At this place you can generate a unique access token for the GitLab Api Connector plugin. Be aware that the personal access token is only shown once after the creation.

Although you could also use the private token which can be found under account, consider using an access token created as described above. For older versions of GitLab (< 8.8), this is the only option as there was no possibility to create an access token .

View Issues

You can show a list of issues for a selected project via the GitLab Issues macro. The macro can be found in the macro browser in the section "Content". The "Show description" option allows you to specify wheather you want to show each issue's description or notm

GitLab Issues Macro

View a single issue

You can choose a project and an issue via the GitLab Issue macro. Again, the "Show description" option allows you to specify wheather you want do show the issue's description or not.

GitLab Connector Issue Macro

View builds

Show the builds log of your project via the GitLab Builds macro. You can choose the projects and the number of builds displayed.

View merge requests

Show the merge requests of a project via the GitLab Merge Requests macro. You can also show already merged and closed merge requests if you desice. Again you can choose wheather you want to hide the description or not.

View project information

Show detailed information for a single project using the Gitlab Project macro. Choose a project from the dropdown and specify what additional information should be displayed.

List all projects

You can list all projects via the List GitLab Projects macro. You can choose between the options of showing additional details (number of stars and forks, labels) and showing the last status of the builds.

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